SMW has developed Almascan alloys (Al-Mg-Sc system), deploying advanced powder metallurgy
technology which entails ultra-rapid cooling with subsequent thermoplastic processing. The technology
allows to obtain materials with desired enhanced characteristics.

SMW specializes in advanced technologies and materials with a focus on light alloys. The work on Almascan system of alloys began in 2012, under guidance of Airbus, and per the respective R&D strategy, SMW began to develop AlMgSc materials and related technological processes for fabricating powder and thin wire for additive manufacturing — for deployment in aerospace applications. Close cooperation with the leading Airbus and EADS specialists continued, as part of joint participation in EU-sponsored projects.

Material characteristics

  • Tensile strength σB = 440-610 MPa, yield strength σ0.2 = 325-410 MPa,
  • Low density — about 2.65 g/cm3,
  • Impressive fatigue properties (high low-cycle fatigue strength),
  • High corrosion resistance,
  • High creep crack growth resistance,
  • Does not require heat-treating strengthening,
  • Good weldability (σBweld / σB > 0.9) either by laser beam (LBW) or by friction stir (FSW).


Aerospace, defense, automotive and motorsports industries


Powder for SLM process, thin wire for additive manufacturing — WAAP and laser-cladding processes. Also, finished parts machined from bar; and rolled sheet/plate.

Our vision

The interest within the aerospace sector in aluminium-based materials possessing higher characteristics is further reinforced by the decreasing cost of scandium. This may lead to expanded range of applications beyond the aerospace industry, such as rail, motorsports and other.